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The Automatization of iPhone Mobile App Development

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I don’t fit in with this era; when I began learning computer programming it was all distinctive. The programming was focused around experimentation and all what we had were the conventional devices (a text editor!) to work on. Because of the contemporary innovation that permits me to overhaul my insight and admire the science that has come its long way. Particularly, I’m looking at building a customized mobile application without having known the rudiments of coding.

The basics of programming need not make a difference when you do coding today and that is the magnificence I found in iOS app development tool accessible for free. Trust me, I would not have conceived such a tool twenty years back. A considerable measure has changed in programming yet online mobile app building platforms are really progressive. Any individual who can haze a mirror can construct an application today and this is nothing short of what a fantasy for an individual like me.

While we invested a considerable measure of time composing a thousand-lined code and advertising it a bit, today the application can be created shortly and quality time can be used showcasing it over the world. On the off chance that anybody has ever perused The E-Myth, they realize that the greater part of the entrepreneurs work in their business as opposed to on business! Everything is automatized today, including mobile app development. Thusly, you can without a doubt take a shot at your business without being stressed over the assets, quality coding and adding workforce to your present staff.

I do computer programming a fuddy-duddy way yet then I’m not a troglodyte! The application building is not simply limited to some item or administration. It can be for your web journal, business, individual utilize or even an influential social media tool. With a very less investment (Ah, there are many free mobile application frameworks or platforms available) you can actually create mobile applications.

Not simply people, I have perused that mobile app development platform are broadly utilized within enterprises and organizations that are into mobile and web development. A noteworthy among of time, cash and workforce can be spared utilizing these tools. While versatile innovation is on the fury, I feel this tool has come pertinent.

Cloud based computing serves as an icing on the cake which takes care of everything including mammoth database. While everything is overseen on the server side, mobile app building tools leave no stone unturned in giving the clients the simplicity of portable application coding on the front end. Truth be told, there are a few tools that much offer web services, patent database, APIs to connect and server to deal with database. Heck, what else is left now!

In the event that a complete automatization is insufficient in creating a mobile application, the developers can put their libraries and import database. Besides, they can compose their own particular code without being confined to the inherent libraries, icons, coding or any such component.

In spite of the fact that numerous software engineers of my age may not adjust to the contemporary tool like an online mobile application development tools, I’d unquestionably vote for this instead of handling a bulky bit of coding in our style!

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Configure.IT- Your Partner in Progress



Exposure ensures success for both growing and grown-up businesses. These days, getting exposure is not difficult with the ease of Internet. Just build your website or application and your business starts to draw attention of people. In the era of smartphones and laptops, you can go for a mobile app, web app, or both of them. For small to medium businesses, mobile app is the better option to reach people around the world. With the mobile app, you can connect with your customers and clients on the move, and give them all necessary information and services.

Develop your own mobile app

Gone are the days wherein you needed to select a proper mobile app developer, contact him and give an explanation about your requirements, etc. With the revolutionary platform Configure.IT, you can build and deploy your mobile apps with an ease. It provides you with a free online tool that takes all responsibility from developing to deploying your mobile app. Further, it does not require any coding, which is otherwise quite bothering task for any non-technical person.

How Configure.IT stands apart?

It is an innovative online browser-based mobile app development platform. It includes all the tools necessary in order to create, develop and maintain mobile apps. It enables you to make a mobile app using fully configurable settings. One of the greatest advantages of making mobile app through this platform is you can make it without writing a single line of code or logic.
Business benefits

Companies always aim to increase productivity without adding more workforce and compromising on quality. There, Configure.IT comes to assist you as your trustworthy business partner. You get numerous business benefits by using this amazing platform as mentioned below:


  • Increase in productivity- It’s a key for any business to increase.
  • You can develop your app without taking anyone’s help. That makes you free from any dependency, which is required to grow your business.
  • Enhance clients’ experience with quick business solutions.
  • You can meet deadlines with proper and rapid execution.
  • Your business gets a competitive edge.
  • You can instantly update your app in order to match changing business requirements.

All and all, this platform helps you expand your business in many dimensions. With these wonderful benefits, your business gets some additional advantages such as less production cost and there is no compromise with quality.

Business categories

This platform covers almost all business requirements. You can create your own mobile app for various purposes as well like- survey, health care, entertainment, business directory, social network, etc.


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Upgraded and Developed Version of Dashboard Management – Configure.IT

A plethora of functionalities have been integrated into Dashboard Management, making it more useful than ever. Find the following enhancements in Dashboard Management:


  1. Advanced Search for Grid List and Pivot type blocks, allows you to search for data in the dashboard block
  2. Frozen Columns for Grid List and Pivot type blocks
  3. Adjust the block size from Dashboard Pages
  4. In addition to Pivot Table, Bar Chart, Pie Chart and Donut Chart, you will also be able to configure Area Chart, Line Chart, Horizontal Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, Stacked Horizontal Bar Chart
  5. Set Formatter for selected fields from Field Settings.


A sample Dashboard page is given below:




Find below the sample screen shots for different configurations possible from Dashboard Management of Configure.IT







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