CES 2015- Expectations Are High, and Exhibitors Are Ready



With ample of expectations, hype and enthusiasm CES 2015 Las Vegas event prepares to start with a bang! Being a huge and the strongest platform for startups as well as big companies, the CES 2015 mega event has lots of stuff to show.

The event is being held from January 6, 2015 to January 9, 2015 wherein numerous enthusiastic firms shall come up with their innovative products. In the absence of the tech giants like Google and Apple, the Korean tech giant is going to lead the show. Yes! Samsung President and CEO Boo-Keun Yoon will address 2015 CES keynotes, and on the other hand, people are expecting to hear something about Galaxy S6, its flagship brand.

Numerous startups are to participate in the splendid event with their wearables from head-to-toe and demonstrate the transformation of IoT to IoE (yes, Internet of Everything).

Since years, CES has been providing a platform for startups and smaller tech companies to present their products. Though the festive season is over and all sales and new products are already launch, the charm of this event still brings in several companies to come and speak about their newer products.

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